Gavin Herr

Gavin Herr, CMT grew up in Livermore, California with his grandparents and mother. Growing up he was a multi-sport athlete and became fascinated by the body and human movement. After graduating from Whittier College with a B.A. in Kinesiology, Gavin and his wife, Jenny Vo, moved to Santa Cruz where Jenny Vo finished her degree at UCSC. Gavin suffered an ACL tear in 2016 which spurred his interest in recovery... Read More

Reflex Locomotion Course

REFLEX LOCOMOTION ACCORDING TO VOJTA WHEN: August 25 & 26 2018 WHERE: Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness in Santa Cruz, CA WHO: DCs, PTs, DOs, MDs with a background in DNS COST: $850 – click the button below to pay/register Why consider a program in reflex locomotion? Movement is not something that spontaneously develops in the vertical posture but evolves from lying on one’s belly and one’s back. The movement... Read More