Precision Fitness

How We Approach Fitness

Designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy, our classes prevent injury, improve circulatory health, boost muscle strength and increase bone density under the supervision of a personal trainer and in small groups. 


From Precision Mechanics to Return-To-Play classes, we guarantee you'll feel stronger and move easier after your first month. All Precision's classes integrate key core activation and spine stabilization in order to facilitate normal movement patterns that re-align your joints and reactivate your weakest muscles. If you haven't done fitness with us, you haven't done fitness the right way.

Your journey to wellness begins at Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness.  With classes designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy, our team of experts will work with you to help you reach your fitness goals.  That’s our specialty.  Whether you’re a fitness beginner or fanatic, Precision will develop a plan to work with your unique body.  Our therapists and fitness experts are here to motivate educate so you can achieve your goals.  Our mission is to strengthen our community, one person at a time.

"I really appreciated how Precision customized my exercises to my specific needs instead of prescribing generic exercises." –  – Judy N


Precision Cross Training
Instructors: Tamsin Kennedy, Lisa Crouch, Chris Christensen, Michael Norteye, Kyle McVicar, Iris Farrens

Challenge  yourself to a better body all while improving posture, control and alignment! Come prepared to sweat during this interval training class designed for those who are comfortable with high impact activities like sprinting and jumping.

Precision Mechanics 1 & 2
Instructors: James Vegher, Tamsin Kennedy, Chris Christensen, Tamsin Kennedy, Ashley Antaya

Mechanics is a mat-based class that focuses on core activation and spine stabilization. Allow us to help you facilitate natural movement patterns that realign your joints and reactivate your infrequently used muscles so you feel stronger and move easier.

Fit For Life
Instructors: Tamsin Kennedy, Michael Norteye, Lisa Crouch

Fit For Life was designed specifically for individuals age 50+. Improve strength, flexibility and responsiveness all while improving control, balance and coordination and burning calories.

Upper Extremity Performance
Instructors: Ashley Antaya

Coming March 2016: Return-to-sport training after shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand injury. Work with our experts to develop proper mechanics and strength to support throwing, shooting, swimming and more.

Lower Extremity Performance
Instructors: Dawn Christy Watkins

Coming March 2016: Essential for athletes of all ages and levels that want to return-to-sport after a hip, knee, ankle or foot injury. Experience proper lower extremity alignment, mobility, stability and strength for running, jumping and agility sports of all kinds.