Runners, It’s Not Just About the Shoe!

imgresAlmost every day I get asked the same question about shoes and it goes like this, “I hear that these new minimalist- type shoes can help improve my form and possibly prevent injuries, is this true and if so what brands do you like”? My response is the always the same, the shoe has a role in the whole equation, but what is more important is what you put into the shoe than the shoe itself.

Runners, please understand that YOU need to start discovering how your body is getting from point “A” to point “B”, and not just focus on the destination. We call this a Movement Signature, which is a term coined by Sparta Sports Science. Get to know your Movement Signature and whether it is optimal or suboptimal. Shoes?can be part of this process, but they are?not the magic bullet. Running is a skill! So start working on becoming more skilled in the art of running.


Enjoy the Process,

Jeff Moreno, DPT, OCS

Precision Sports Performance Running



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