Sports Performance & Training


At Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness, highly trained physical therapists push every level of athlete - be it recreational, competitive or professional - to a higher level of performance. As all athletes know, there is always a way to get better. Our unique methods of analyzing your sport specific movements allow us to target the areas holding you back from the performance you desire. This targeted approach produces rapid results - whether it's getting better after an injury or just getting better at your game.


Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness is honored to be affiliated with our community partners:

Saratoga High School
Soquel High School
Rawhide Baseball (Santa Cruz)
Santa Cruz Warriors Basketball
Golden State Warriors Basketball
Capitola/Soquel Little League
"Your experience and satisfaction will be unmatched" –  James V.


Runner’s Performance Clinic

The mission of our running clinic is to provide sound, expert clinical care in order that our clients can run uninterruped to meet all their desired goals.  Our interventions focus on indentifying movement faults and muscle imbalances with your current running pattern so training can begin to eliminate movement habits which are inhibiting you from achieving your desired performance.

Private Training

Our most personalized and detailed plan for the athlete who is committed to taking their game to the next level.

"Your experience and satisfaction will be unmatched" –  James V.


Get it touch to sign up for a program, and find out how we can help you prevent injury, train smarter, and get results

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